(LKG TO IX & XI)

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Intellectual Development


National science day celebration:                                              28.2.2024

This day is celebrated in the remembrance of sir S.V Raman for is noble prize in scattering of light. Programme is to inspire the children to become future scientist.

National linguistic day celebration                                                 24.2.2024

Students of VI to IX performed various activities to showcase the importance of various languages. Languages are the tools to reach higher levels in their future career. The children who know national languages can survive in any part of the universe.

Language day celebration performed by primary classes.                        21.2.2024

Giving importance to mother tongue in the early stage will build a confidence to the children and eager to learn more languages in upcoming days to achieve higher levels in future through mother tongue.

English club activity for primary classes and middle school:         30.12.2023 &5.2.2024

English is not a language it is a passion. Performing activities in the lower classes would really assist to register in children mind forever.It helps increase the vocabulary skills.Performing group  activitives will develop  leadership quality  spirit. In this event many students participated various acivities and made the day special.

National Mathematics day                                                               22.12.2023

On account of National Mathematics day, Maths club activity was performed with skill based dance, problem solving riddles. Which will inculcate the numerical importance will enhance the children to become future Ramanujam with many invention in mathematical field.

Science club activity                                                                       15.12.2023

Science club activity was conducted for the primary level students to create interest towards science in the early stage of learning. Learning science through activity will be everlasting and easy to implement the concepts in future.

Olympiad exam:                                                                                12.12.2023

Global event manager have conducted talent kids 2023-24.M.Keerthik bagged first level in district level competition got selected for state level. As a compliment he got Ear pod from event manager and he was appreciated in assembly, around 125 students were registered and benefited according to their interest towards English, Maths, Science, Social science, Informational technology and General knowledge.

PRE-PRIMARY ACTIVITY DAY:                                                                             21.09.2023

We have conducted Activity day for the classes LKG-IInd std. Students have displayed their talents in front of their parents. Parents engaged along with their wards and encouraged them to do their activities.  Games were conducted for students along with their parents.

Science club activity:                                                                        26.8.2023  

To induce scientific interest and develop scientific skill among our children.

Activities performed are listed below

  1. a review of Chandrayan (PPT)
  2. Rain water harvesting  model explanation
  3. Quiz related to Indian scientist.

Vigyan mela                                                                                      24.8.2023

Vigyan mela intra school level science exhibition, first prize winners of school level participated. level wise Shishu level (III-V) - 5 students,Bala level (VI-VIII) -5 students, Kishore leve(IX-X) -5 students, finally Tharun level (XI-XII)-5students among this 2 students won prize. Bala level  1st prize in innovative model using sensor and Tharun level 3rd prize in chemistry experiments.

Vigyan mela 2023                                                                            19.8.2023

Vigyan mela 2023 inter school level science exhibition. Around 142 exhibits were projected in 11 classrooms.8 teachers from other schools and 4 teachers from our school inspected and the best was selected to next level. 60 students won prizes,nearly 350 parents witnessed the expo.

TOPPER’S  FELICITATION:                                                             14.06.2023 

School Toppers of 2022-23 (X and XII) were felicitated by our Principal, Vice Principal and Senior Teachers of our school in the Morning Prayer Assembly. They were presented a Small Memento as a part of appreciation from our School Management.

Swarna Jayanthi celebration                                                           27.4.2023

VES released Mithran magazine. To kindle the interest towards reading, our twelfth standard students  conducted Mithran quiz competition.